Saturday, February 07, 2009

Amero trial balloon

Researching some stock news the other day, I stumbled onto this article questioning the fate of our own currency, with the subtle suggestion that a unified North American Currency is in our future.

Canadian economist Herbert Grubel first introduced a potential manifestation of this concept in 1999. The North American Currency -- called the "Amero" in select circles -- would effectively comingle the Canadian dollar, U.S. dollar and Mexican peso.

On its face, while difficult to imagine, it makes intuitive sense. The ability to combine Canadian natural resources, American ingenuity and cheap Mexican labor would allow North America to compete better on a global stage.

A smooth market recovery, one based on actual market values placed on assets and obligations, rather than artificial values papered over with government bailouts, would likely help us avert such currency evolution. However...

If forward policy attempts to induce more debt rather than allowing savings and obligations to align, we must respect the potential for a system shock. We may need to let a two-tier currency gain traction if the dollar meaningfully debases from current levels.

If this dynamic plays out -- and I've got no insight that it will -- the global balance of powers would fragment into four primary regions: North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In such a scenario, ramifications would manifest through social unrest and geopolitical conflict.
The conspiracy theorists among us insist this was the plan all along: to bankrupt the country with the most reckless fiscal & monetary policy imaginable, and force an evolution worlds beyond, and outside of, the limits of our Constitution. Though the Constitution has long been dead and trod on for decades, the blurry illusion that it holds some relevance to our way of life persists. The social unrest the author predicts would be our society convulsing at the final purges of it from our public consciousness.

Consider for a moment what our country would be like without a Constitution. A modest comparison for this purpose would be to consider what life would be like without your bible.

Welcome to the wilderness.