Saturday, August 25, 2007

I watched Zeitgeist, pt III

Actually I watched the whole thing, but the whole Horus=Jesus=the sun thing was completely unnecessary in a too-much-information kind of way. The only way I can think to get others to watch it is to challenge them with "I don't think you can handle it." And not just the whole thing in its entirety, but even just Part III: Don't Mind the Men Behind the Curtain.

Speaking of, here's part III, if you think you can handle it.

Given the choice, "Mr. Freeedommmm" Ted Nugent would pick Hillary

What an obnoxious neocon tool. Watch this clip of Ted Nugent begging Obama, Hillary and Feinstein to suck on his assault rifle, then belching a most perverted "freedom" yell to publicly declare his fascist intoxication.

I guarantee you, when it comes down to a contest between Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul in November 2008, this bozo will follow every other neocon into Hillary's pro-war globalist camp with glee. Not a single molecule in this man's body has the faintest notion of the concept of freedom.

The best way to shrivel this guy's engorged bravado is for Hillary to march right up to him and say, "Here I am. Do it, big boy."

Fighting back

Howard Dean used to say, "You have the power!" Once that chant sunk into the consciences of lethargic voters, they got off their butts and starting doing something on their own to make things happen. Well, for a while anyway. But this post is not about Dean's March 2004 implosion. It's about people waking up and realizing the "power" to change the world is entirely in their hands. No longer content to sit around waiting for the official powers that be to make enough improvements in our social atmosphere to have a positive effect on individual lives, they've started taking matters into their own hands. And coming up for 2008, we're about to see how motivating their levels of discontent really are.

Let's take the corporate "mainstream" media as a solid source of this discontent. They've selected the frontrunners of the presidential campaign and annointed them as the only viable choices for the voters. But after repeatedly being discredited for broadcasting their falsehoods all the way back to the beginning of George Bush's 2000 presidential campaign, the people seem to have finally had enough.

And now they, the corporate media, find themselves the topic in more and more discussion about what's wrong with our society. Certainly media-controlled censorship is not a new phenomena by any means, but the extent of it lately appears to be reaching critical mass.

Let's start here with an article about their roles as democratically-subversive kingmakers: Corporate Media Won't Let the Public Pick the Next President.

This example of reality's absence in mainstream media best illustrates the extent of the bias in their coverage of the presidential campaigns: Ron Paul Wins Five Straw Polls, Mainstream Media Remains Silent

Next, Prof. Paul Levinson analyzes the blatant media bias against Ron Paul as a central theme in his recent lectures and interviews:
We discussed the problem of media bias in general - easy to find, it's pervasive - and I even offered my view that the FCC, in daily violating the First Amendment to our Constitution, is treasonous.

(Podcast here, Levinson's blog here)

Now these two fellas have taken a more aggressive approach to hold the media accountable, accusing corporate media of conspiring to censor Ron Paul's campaign to the point of launching RICO criminal charges in their sworn affidavits. Best of luck to them, but after the recent court ruling that says TV news stations can lie with impunity, I'm not going to hold my breath on this one.

The point here is that with the internet's end-run around media's censorship, and by the power of the internet's equalizing effect as Dr. Paul would say, more than a few grains of sand are starting to shift underneath the monolithic establishment's foundation.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Police Confiscate $23,700 from trucker.. because they can.

Anastasio Prieto of El Paso gave a state police officer at the weigh station permission to search the truck to see if it contained "needles or cash in excess of $10,000," according to the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed the federal lawsuit Thursday.

Prieto told the officer he didn't have any needles but did have $23,700.

Officers took the money and turned it over to the DEA. DEA agents photographed and fingerprinted Prieto over his objections, then released him without charging him with anything.

Border Patrol agents searched his truck with drug-sniffing dogs, but found no evidence of illegal substances, the ACLU said.


His crime? Mere possession of $23,700. America, America, God shed his grace on thee...

You're next, protestors.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Innovative Stunt by Ron Paul Supporters

I am continually amazed at the creativity of passionate people coming up with innovative, effective ways to increase Ron Paul's name recognition among the voting public. Every single bit of this activity is being initiated, funded and coordinated by local individuals without the knowledge or support of the official campaign.

For the upcoming Maryland Straw Poll, a group of 100 exuberant (and probably highly decorated) Paul supporters will emerge from a truck at the MD State Fair. Yes this event will be videotaped and shared on

Another creative supporter laboriously printed out individual panels of a large Ron Paul sign and spliced them together manually to place the finished product on the roof of his truck in an effort to be spotted and broadcast by TV station traffic helicopters.

The hardhitting "We Told You So" flyer shown in my previous post was created by a group of enthusiastic supporters sitting around discussing the best approach to reach people in their community. The flyer was used as a paid insert in their local paper, funded by a single donor at the local level, with no affiliation whatsoever with the official campaign.

The beautiful Ron Paul "We the People" full page ad funded entirely by volunteers that ran in the Ames Tribune on the day of the Iowa Straw Poll was a collection of photos provided by Ron Paul supporters to this website, massaged into Dr. Paul's likeness and overlayed on the Constitution by an enthusiastic group of unpaid volunteers trying to help Paul's standing with Iowa voters.

The Ron Paul Revolution phenomena was born out of the minds of avid Ron Paul supporters and launched very early in the campaign through this site, which has no affiliation whatsoever with the official campaign. These banners have been strung from bridges, streetcorners and balconies all across America with impressive flair.

New Hampshire's Kelly Halldorson took it to the streets, literally, in a one-day, 38 mile walk from her home to the steps of the capitol building in Concord to promote Ron Paul's candidacy. Her spectacular feat inspired others to do the same, and helped launch a national movement of supporters everywhere conducting their own local Walk-for-Paul events, orchestrated to occur simultaneously on August 26, 2007. Are you walking, too?

Other national, unaffiliated Ron Paul events are popping up everywhere. The Memphis "Paint the Town Ron" meetup group has issued a challenge to all the other groups in a contest to see which local communities can outdo each other painting their towns Ron. Another Paul supporter has plopped down his own cash to fund a contest to see who can create the most effective, persuasive Ron Paul videos.

Musical talent is oozing out of this very excited mass of freedom lovers. We've got everything from Rap, Folk, Pop, Country and even some Reggae freely emanating from these souls. And you can dance to nearly all of it.

And what recap of Ron Paul supporter creativity would be complete without sending you to the video collection of anonymous supporter "Aravoth?" He has voluntarily and without pay created some of the most moving Ron Paul clips I've ever seen. I'm sure you'll agree.

What are some other amazing bursts of creativity that Ron Paul inspires? Share them in the comments section and we'll add to this list over time.

We Told You So

This is how we win.

Print your own (PDFs), or order 10,000 of these handouts ($0.04 each) and distribute them all over town. Use them as newspaper inserts with your local paper, hand them out at churches, football games and upcoming fall festivals. Use the front page as a newspaper/newsletter advertisement.

This is what the Ron Paul Revolution is all about.

Update: flyer modified 8-27-07.

Download the original PDF file here
Mirror file here (my modifications as pictured at left):

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

North American Union & Amero news coverage

Bump, originally posted Feb. 24, 2007 to showcase several Lou Dobbs videos about this administration's plans for a North American Union (NAU), growing out of Bush's Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), without congressional or voter knowledge and consent.

Below are a selected handful of different media clips showing that these developments are now being brought however slowly to the public's attention.

Here's a new video added Aug 21, 2007 discussing the Amero for the NAU/SPP.









More to follow. Please share these far and wide, the citizens of this country need to know what's going on without their knowledge or their approval.

Monday, August 20, 2007

FEC complaint filed against Fred Thompson

...apparently for violating the law by running for president as a non-candidate.

He has been presenting himself as a candidate for President, he has been raising large sums of money beyond what would be required to explore a possible candidacy, and he has signed a long term lease on a headquarters for his campaign. He has even spent advertising dollars, which are specifically prohibited by the law.

Read the full complaint.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Must see Ron Paul newsprint Ad

This full-page ad, which appeared in the Aug. 11 edition of the Ames Tribune (IA), was created just a few short days ago by a team of creative, dedicated Ron Paul volunteers led by "Lord Xar" at the Ron Paul forums, using photos submitted by Ron Paul supporters from all over the country. He's currently modifying the graphic for our unrestricted use as a generalized ad/poster/sign, and when he's done I want this ad to appear in every newspaper in this country, and the poster [buy it] to appear in every public venue and hang proudly in every American's home.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ron Paul Endorsements

More mindblowing creativity from the grassroots.

When in the course of human events...

Aravoth has outdone himself again. This is it, folks.

GOP Candidates YouTube Stats - 08/10/07 - Dem Comparison

Here are the results after YouTube's final spotlight week highlighted Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. Some surprises down below so brace yourself. Check out last week's charts to see exactly where Paul stood before his week in the spotlight began. A reader requested that I include stats for Democratic candidates, so for this edition only the top three Dems have been added to the general graphs (I have no historical data on the Dems to add them meaningfully to the progress charts).

Paul still tops them all, even the Dems, in all areas except channel views. For some reason Obama has racked up over 11,000,000 channel views in the 11 months he's had a youtube profile. Given Paul's 5-month Youtube age and lack of nightly news mentions during that time, Paul's going stronger than anybody.

And here are the charts. Look to the previous posts for data explanations.



Here are the progress graphs showing actual growth in various user activities for each GOP candidate since May 22.

Channel Views

Cumulative Ratings

Cumulative Comments

Cumulative Views


Ratings Averages

Comments Averages

Views Averages

So what happened to Paul's comments and ratings momentum going into the Spotlight week? I believe his format of posting a different video everyday during the spotlight, instead of leaving just one video up for the duration, has something to do with it. And I have to say that I wasn't too impressed with those 2-3 minute issue-specific clips. He does much better when he can discuss in detail the nuances of his policies, in an interview or speech format. What do you think?

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Ron Paul Hip Hop

I'm likin' this trend...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Libertarian Hip Hop Campaign song

Kickass song:
"Make a stand and vote libertarian."

Freedom-loving people speaking out

As an avid reader of the local letters to the editor page, I'm often dismayed at the number of pro-Bush koolaid drinkers who continue spouting off the neocon talking points. Today however, the LTE page is filled with freedom-loving people who are waking up to the problems facing our country, and the culprit behind it all.

7 letters on that page could have been written by Ron Paul supporters. And I know for a fact at least one of them is an actual supporter.

AT&T Webcast censors portions of Pearl Jam concert

Portions Censored From Pearl Jam Webcast
2007-08-08 18:12:42.287,
Story by: Conor McKay

According to Pearl Jam's website, portions of the band's Sunday night set at Lollapalooza were missing from the AT&T Blue Room live webcast. Fans alerted the band to the missing material after the show. Reportedly absent from the webcast were segments of the band's performance of "Daughter," including the sung lines "George Bush, leave this world alone" and "George Bush find yourself another home."

After questioning AT&T about the incident, Lollapalooza was informed that material was indeed missing from the webcast, and that it was mistakenly cut by AT&T's content monitor. Tiffany Nels of AT&T told CMJ that they are working the matter out with the band. "We regret the mistake," she explains. "This was not intended and was an unfortunate mistake made by a webcast editor." She went on to explain that AT&T has a policy for any excessive language, and that it was set up because of its all-ages audience.



Ron Paul's Towering Internet Presence

Here's a very good writeup from C|Net on Ron Paul's support springing from the internet.

Ron Paul: The Internet's favorite candidate
By Declan McCullagh
August 6, 2007

The libertarian-leaning Republican may not receive as much media coverage as better-known presidential candidates, but he enjoys a commanding lead on the Internet.


Paul's poll numbers award him less than 2 percent of the vote among Republican candidates, and he was unceremoniously excluded from an Iowa debate in June organized by a tax watchdog group that happens to share his political views. Even otherwise flattering articles consign his candidacy to "the realm of dreams, not practical politics."

On the Internet, however, this courtly Texas obstetrician-turned-politician has developed a towering presence that has left his Democratic and Republican rivals largely in his shadow.


UI Iowa Straw Poll pre-poll numbers: Paul hits 7%, McCain collapses into "third tier"

The latest UI polls frow

Aug 8 2007

As Straw Poll Approaches, Romney Soars, Giuliani Drops And McCain Collapses

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney appears to have taken a commanding lead in Iowa among registered Republican voters and Republican caucus goers, according to a new University of Iowa poll released today, Wednesday, Aug. 8. Poll results also indicate that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has lost support, and support for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has collapsed well into the third tier of candidates.


Iowa Straw Poll

A sample of 222 people who were considered the most likely Republican caucus goers were asked a series of questions about the Aug. 11 Straw Poll in Ames.

Most -- 81.5 percent -- were aware of the straw poll; 18.5 percent were not. Of those who were aware, only 23.8 percent planned to attend, leaving a number too small to analyze with confidence for details of candidate support. However, about one-third of those planning to attend said they support Romney, 16 percent Tancredo, 12 percent Giuliani, 9 percent Brownback and 7 percent Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

That's not bad at all for a candidate who just starting campaigning in Iowa two days ago. If he places 5th in the Ames Straw Poll as predicted here, he's well on his way into serious contention as a top tier candidate.

UPDATE: Here are more political spinmeisters sharing good vibes of the unstoppable Ron Paul campaign as it heads into this all-important weekend. RealClearPolitics notes that Paul is only one of two GOP candidates airing tv commercials in Iowa, and Evans/Novak says "Paul has garnered excellent spontaneous grassroots support at every turn, but this hasn't turned into more than a blip in polls or in media coverage. His fundraising, however, is surprising, and his breadth of support on the Internet is impressive. If he shows well in Ames, he could start garnering real media attention."

Here Paul shares the wisdom of liberty with a crowd of patrons at a Pizza place in Union County, Aug. 8:

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ron Paul donations in Georgia

Curious to see where the Ron Paul donors are in Georgia?

Here's the breakdown by county, based on data from the July 15, 2007 filings at

Barrow, $200
Bartow, $2,850
Bibb, $1,000
Cherokee, $1,000
Cobb, $1,950
Colquitt, $300
Coweta, $1,000
Dekalb, $1,250
Dougherty, $1,000
Douglas, $500
Forsyth, $480
Fulton, $13,588
Glynn, $500
Gwinnett, $4,075
Lamar, $500
Monroe, $2,000
Newton, $1,000
Pickens, $600
Richmond, $500
Ware, $250
Whitfield, $2,300

Total: $36,843

Monday, August 06, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

GOP Candidates YouTube Stats - 07/29/07 - Launch Pad Edition

Just in time to beat the Ron Paul YouTube Spotlight Rush, these charts represent a snapshot of YouTube internal statistics for all the GOP presidential candidates on the day before Paul's YouTube profile was placed on the Spotlight calendar - July 29, 2007. When the spotlight period is over, we'll take another look and see what impact the extra exposure had on the one candidate who was already leaving the rest of them in the dust. All the charts you're accustomed to are below. See previous posts for explanations that aren't self-evident.



Here are the growth graphs showing actual growth in various user activities for each candidate since May 22. All candidates have been now been added to these growth charts.
Channel ViewsCumulative RatingsCumulative Comments
Cumulative ViewsSubscribersRatings Averages
Comments AveragesViews Averages

We'll do this again next week and see how the rest of YouTube takes to the Ron Paul Revolution.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Ron Paul Campaign – A Masterpiece of Web 2.0 Marketing

Jack Spirko analyzes a dozen observations on Ron Paul's internet supremacy to conclude he just may have a shot at the White House after all.

Letters to Iowans on behalf of Ron Paul

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. 100 of these went out the week of July 23.

Dear (Iowan voter),
I'm (name) from (city,st) and am writing in my own words to invite you to attend the Ames Straw Poll on August 11 as a show of your support for Texas Congressman and Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

My primary reason for making this effort: the U.S. Constitution still matters to me.

Because it's now obvious our nation has drifted so dangerously far off course, it is by virtue of Congressman Paul's unmatched, unwavering, verifiable loyalty to Constitutional principles throughout his 10 terms in Congress that this presidential election has become a referendum on the Constitution itself.

Regardless of the great things some of the other candidates are offering, I believe this election is the only chance in my lifetime that "we, the people" ourselves will ever have to proudly affirm in one voice our undying faith in the greatest governing philosophy the world has ever experienced, the very foundation of our liberty, the US CONSTITUTION.

I hope you agree that our government must return to the wisdom and guidance of our founders. And after researching more of Congressman Paul's record I hope you conclude that he is the only candidate running who is even qualified to genuinely uphold and defend the Constitution in all its glory, and will do so with the reverent devotion of this century's Thomas Jefferson.

There are many other things to love about Ron Paul (he was opposed to the Iraq war from the beginning and will bring our troops home immediately, he's not beholden to any special interests, etc.), but his strict adherence to the principles of the Constitution stands far and above as the most important.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please look for Congressman Paul in the upcoming debate in Des Moines on August 5 on the ABC network. You can learn more about the Ames Straw Poll at his website, and while you're there research his record and discover how broadly his message resonates across the country.

In Liberty,

Over 1200 flock to online Ron Paul Rally

In just over a week. The Online Ron Paul Rally was launched last Saturday and so far over 1200 enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters have shown up.

1,253 to be exact, as of July 31, 2007.