Sunday, July 01, 2007

GOP Candidates YouTube Stats - 07/01/07

I'm a couple days late with this update, but other than the tedium of adding the remaining candidates to the minutiae charts, only a little has changed since last time. Rudy almost doubled the number of videos for his campaign this week, but that doesn't seem to have helped his numbers much. With 41 videos now in his profile, he's still averaging only 2 comments per. Mitt "double Guantanamo" Romney slowed his production down to a trickle, but I'm sure he'll break 200 videos by the next update. And for what, exactly?

One of the pieces of data that I had originally overlooked is the average score of the ratings each video receives, which roughly indicates whether a candidate is producing high quality, well-liked, engaging videos. I've added that element to the tracking just to see whose videos are rating the highest quality. And, though none of the candidates are really tanking in this department, you probably don't have to actually look at these numbers to know whose videos are drawing in an average of almost 5 stars across the board (Ron Paul).

Before we get to the charts, here is how the candidates' videos are graded by the masses, from lowest to highest:

Rudy Giuliani:2.79 stars
Sam Brownback3.30
Jim Gilmore3.40
John McCain3.44
Tom Tancredo3.83
Mike Huckabee3.88
Duncan Hunter3.93
Fred Thompson4.12
Mitt Romney4.27
Ron Paul4.89

First, the cumulative views (inspired by TechPresident's Youtube charts) and other cumulatives for the frontrunner candidates. I'll be adding the remaining candidates to these charts in one of the next updates because most of the rest are starting to show a little rustling in their Youtube popularity. But for now, the established frontrunners:

Now for the averages sans outliers to reflect true user loyalty to each candidate (an explanation on the outlier data and why they're removed can be found here).

Here are the growth graphs showing actual growth in various user activities for each candidate since May 22. All candidates have been now been added to these growth charts. This is what tedium is all about:
Channel ViewsCumulative RatingsCumulative Comments
Cumulative ViewsSubscribersRatings Averages
Comments AveragesViews Averages

You can't really tell what's going on with the other candidates as long as Paul's numbers keep blowing the curve. I couldn't decide whether to remove Paul's numbers or not, just so people could see the steady pace at which the also-rans continue to grow without being scrunched up at the bottom like they are. But then, if these candidates can't catch up and carve their own visible paths on these charts, that's not mine nor Ron Paul's problem.

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