Thursday, June 21, 2007

GOP Candidates YouTube Stats - 06/21/07

First day of summer and the campaigns are heating up!

Here are the new YouTube internals for the frontrunner GOP candidates. It's pretty self-explanatory, but you may want to see the previous entries to see how the YouTube data is being used, and why. A discussion on the outlier data can be found here.

First up, the cumulative video views: the total views for all videos uploaded by each candidate's campaign (inspired by TechPresident's TubeMogul data).

Next are the cumulatives for user behavior at each candidate's videos: # of videos uploaded, Comments, Ratings, and candidate Subscribers.

Removing the outlier data, we get a more accurate picture of genuine support for each candidate, based on the averages of the data associated with each candidate. Here are the average views, comments and ratings per video to show you who among the frontrunners has the most solid support on YouTube.

Analysis: Ron Paul maintains his lead in all categories, as if you need me to tell you that. Among the others, why is Giuliani even in this race? ALL second tier candidates will surpass his numbers in just a few weeks. McCain doesn't appear to be doing much better, though he has started spitting our more videos in the last week. Will it help or hurt him? And does Romney love looking at himself or what? I mean, 187 videos? Nobody cares enough to watch 187 campaign commercials of anybody, I don't care who they are.

As in the previous post, included below are the graphs showing growth in user activity for each candidate since May 22. Some of this gets into minutiae that may not be very useful, but until that becomes apparent, here they are again.
Channel ViewsCumulative RatingsCumulative Comments
Cumulative ViewsSubscribersRatings Averages
Comments AveragesViews Averages

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Bret Moore said...

re: romney's 187 videos, hahahah... awesome.

go Ron go!

Anonymous said...

I am almost sad for the establishment candidates; they are getting a thorough clobbering by Ron Paul. Oh no wait, I loath them for being the fake liars that they are. Ron Paul 2008 (as if there was some other choice)

zchris63 said...

New GOP Youtube stats update just posted, 7/1/07

zchris63 said...

[New update for 7-15-07]