Wednesday, June 20, 2007

42 Ron Paul Revolution banners

No more Ron Paul Revolution Banners available.

As of January 1, 2008, I have 42 38 37 24 0 extra "Ron Paul Revolution" Banners, 64" x 36" in size, made per the instructions at (Tyvek HomeWrap Plastic sheeting, Corplast stencil, spray paint lettering, 4 grommets each). The materials ran me close to $250 for everything just to make a few banners for our group, and I'd like to recover some of that cost. So, for each $50 donation to my blog, I'll send you four of these banners in a 36" tube via USPS priority mail to domestic US addresses only, no international shipping (sorry). Shipping is included in the $50 donation, nothing extra is necessary.

(If you just want one banner, since the shipping costs run about $8-10 per 36" tube, I'm asking a minimum donation of $20 from you in order to receive a single banner).

NOTE: this offer expires when the banners are gone. I will update the quantity of banners available on this page as donations are received.

After your donation, make sure to email me your postal mailing address in order to receive the banner, and thank you for your contribution. Use this link to donate through the Amazon Honor System. You can reach me at amccac(at) with any questions or comments.


Richard said...

I am interested in getting a few - how do I contact you?


Chris said...

You can reach me at amccac(at)

Patrick said...

YA! I want a lot! Can I not get any, are they all gone?

Anonymous said...

If you know how to get any more please let me know!