Saturday, June 02, 2007

GOP Candidate Youtube Stats, Charts (Followup)

Following up on my original post, where we delve deeper into the Youtube internal statistics for each "frontrunner" as previously determined by, here are the updated charts to see how our candidates are doing at Youtube.

Using Youtube's API development feature saved alot of time gathering the stats automatically, but the "favorited" counts are not included in the data this process provides, so I've eliminated the favorites totals from the charts.

First we see the cumulative view totals for all videos uploaded by each campaign, which should be pretty consistent with TechPresident's TubeMogul data.

Below are the cumulatives reflecting user behavior across all videos per candidate.

As before, I've taken the liberty to throw out the individual video outlier for each candidate to smooth the averages to more realistic "loyalty" measurements. Here is how the cumulative totals look and how the outlier video impacts these totals.

The next two charts illustrate the per-video averages with the outlier data excluded. The averages are based on the cumulatives of the remaining videos for each candidate once the outlier data have been deducted from the totals. These averages are intended to reflect the loyalty and support each candidate has achieved during his tenure at Youtube.

I guess you don't need me to tell you who the winner is again this week. I'll try to make this a regular feature if scheduling permits.


James Schwahn said...

Thanks for the data, it was pretty interesting.

zchris63 said...

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zchris63 said...

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zchris63 said...

New GOP Youtube stats update just posted, 7/1/07

zchris63 said...

[New update for 7-15-07]