Tuesday, July 17, 2007

GOP Candidates' YouTube Stats - 07/15/07

Little late posting this update, but the data used was collected on July 15 and I just now got around to putting it all together. Initial observations are that the growth for some of the second tier candidates seems to be dipping a little (see growth charts here). Paul's on a rocket to the stars and Romney is the only other candidate with any hope of coming to within half of Paul's YouTube success. And the media says McCain is all but over, but according to this data, his YouTube supporters have not yet abandoned him.

The Charts
First, the cumulative views (inspired by TechPresident's Youtube charts) and other cumulatives for the frontrunner candidates.

Now for the averages sans outliers to reflect true user loyalty to each candidate (an explanation on the outlier data and why they're removed can be found here).

Here are the growth graphs showing actual growth in various user activities for each candidate since May 22. All candidates have been now been added to these growth charts.
Channel ViewsCumulative RatingsCumulative Comments
Cumulative ViewsSubscribersRatings Averages
Comments AveragesViews Averages

As usual, Paul's numbers are blowing the curve. If you want me to remove Paul's data to look at the actual growth of the other candidates, let me know in the comments.

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