Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feels like King George III sticking it to the colonists

From an email exchange with a friend:

Right now, I'm not sure who to support and haven't had much time to figure it out. I feel like our current Congress is the culmination of a failure of our basically 2-party system. In a country that's supposed to be a representative republic, we have a bunch of career politicians and bureaucrats representing themselves while screwing the people. I'm not happy with either party since there's not much of a distinguishable difference between them at the moment. Its like déjà vu back to 1775 with King George III and Parliament sticking it to the Colonists! They just keep passing laws and levying new taxes to curtail our freedoms. And I'm not all that happy with the Executive Branch either.

Did you happen to notice who won the GA-10 special election to replace Charlie Norwood a couple weeks ago? A doctor named Paul Broun, who came from WAY behind to beat out the well-funded establishment frontrunner candidate Jim Whitehead. Broun's platform offered four basic rules: 1) is it constitutional? 2) is it moral? 3) can we afford it? 4) (I forgot the fourth one). He pledged to carry a pocket constitution with him at all times to refer to in any legislative matter. He ran as a constitutionalist republican, had a fraction of the budget as Whitehead, and WON.

That victory was the first crack in the coming earthquake that's going to shake the foundation out from under the Washington elite and replace it with fresh blood under the leadership of this century's Thomas Jefferson. That would be Ron Paul, "the champion of the Constitution."

When you get a chance, google "ron paul revolution".

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