Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Letters to Iowans on behalf of Ron Paul

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. 100 of these went out the week of July 23.

Dear (Iowan voter),
I'm (name) from (city,st) and am writing in my own words to invite you to attend the Ames Straw Poll on August 11 as a show of your support for Texas Congressman and Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

My primary reason for making this effort: the U.S. Constitution still matters to me.

Because it's now obvious our nation has drifted so dangerously far off course, it is by virtue of Congressman Paul's unmatched, unwavering, verifiable loyalty to Constitutional principles throughout his 10 terms in Congress that this presidential election has become a referendum on the Constitution itself.

Regardless of the great things some of the other candidates are offering, I believe this election is the only chance in my lifetime that "we, the people" ourselves will ever have to proudly affirm in one voice our undying faith in the greatest governing philosophy the world has ever experienced, the very foundation of our liberty, the US CONSTITUTION.

I hope you agree that our government must return to the wisdom and guidance of our founders. And after researching more of Congressman Paul's record I hope you conclude that he is the only candidate running who is even qualified to genuinely uphold and defend the Constitution in all its glory, and will do so with the reverent devotion of this century's Thomas Jefferson.

There are many other things to love about Ron Paul (he was opposed to the Iraq war from the beginning and will bring our troops home immediately, he's not beholden to any special interests, etc.), but his strict adherence to the principles of the Constitution stands far and above as the most important.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please look for Congressman Paul in the upcoming debate in Des Moines on August 5 on the ABC network. You can learn more about the Ames Straw Poll at his website, and while you're there research his record and discover how broadly his message resonates across the country.

In Liberty,

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