Thursday, August 02, 2007

GOP Candidates YouTube Stats - 07/29/07 - Launch Pad Edition

Just in time to beat the Ron Paul YouTube Spotlight Rush, these charts represent a snapshot of YouTube internal statistics for all the GOP presidential candidates on the day before Paul's YouTube profile was placed on the Spotlight calendar - July 29, 2007. When the spotlight period is over, we'll take another look and see what impact the extra exposure had on the one candidate who was already leaving the rest of them in the dust. All the charts you're accustomed to are below. See previous posts for explanations that aren't self-evident.



Here are the growth graphs showing actual growth in various user activities for each candidate since May 22. All candidates have been now been added to these growth charts.
Channel ViewsCumulative RatingsCumulative Comments
Cumulative ViewsSubscribersRatings Averages
Comments AveragesViews Averages

We'll do this again next week and see how the rest of YouTube takes to the Ron Paul Revolution.

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Anonymous said...

Please show these graphs versus democratic candidates as well. This will show how if Paul is truely "electable".

zchris63 said...

I'll put a line for the top three Democratic candidates on the progress charts on the next update after this spotlight week is over and all the data are freshly collected at the same time.

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