Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Innovative Stunt by Ron Paul Supporters

I am continually amazed at the creativity of passionate people coming up with innovative, effective ways to increase Ron Paul's name recognition among the voting public. Every single bit of this activity is being initiated, funded and coordinated by local individuals without the knowledge or support of the official campaign.

For the upcoming Maryland Straw Poll, a group of 100 exuberant (and probably highly decorated) Paul supporters will emerge from a truck at the MD State Fair. Yes this event will be videotaped and shared on

Another creative supporter laboriously printed out individual panels of a large Ron Paul sign and spliced them together manually to place the finished product on the roof of his truck in an effort to be spotted and broadcast by TV station traffic helicopters.

The hardhitting "We Told You So" flyer shown in my previous post was created by a group of enthusiastic supporters sitting around discussing the best approach to reach people in their community. The flyer was used as a paid insert in their local paper, funded by a single donor at the local level, with no affiliation whatsoever with the official campaign.

The beautiful Ron Paul "We the People" full page ad funded entirely by volunteers that ran in the Ames Tribune on the day of the Iowa Straw Poll was a collection of photos provided by Ron Paul supporters to this website, massaged into Dr. Paul's likeness and overlayed on the Constitution by an enthusiastic group of unpaid volunteers trying to help Paul's standing with Iowa voters.

The Ron Paul Revolution phenomena was born out of the minds of avid Ron Paul supporters and launched very early in the campaign through this site, which has no affiliation whatsoever with the official campaign. These banners have been strung from bridges, streetcorners and balconies all across America with impressive flair.

New Hampshire's Kelly Halldorson took it to the streets, literally, in a one-day, 38 mile walk from her home to the steps of the capitol building in Concord to promote Ron Paul's candidacy. Her spectacular feat inspired others to do the same, and helped launch a national movement of supporters everywhere conducting their own local Walk-for-Paul events, orchestrated to occur simultaneously on August 26, 2007. Are you walking, too?

Other national, unaffiliated Ron Paul events are popping up everywhere. The Memphis "Paint the Town Ron" meetup group has issued a challenge to all the other groups in a contest to see which local communities can outdo each other painting their towns Ron. Another Paul supporter has plopped down his own cash to fund a contest to see who can create the most effective, persuasive Ron Paul videos.

Musical talent is oozing out of this very excited mass of freedom lovers. We've got everything from Rap, Folk, Pop, Country and even some Reggae freely emanating from these souls. And you can dance to nearly all of it.

And what recap of Ron Paul supporter creativity would be complete without sending you to the video collection of anonymous supporter "Aravoth?" He has voluntarily and without pay created some of the most moving Ron Paul clips I've ever seen. I'm sure you'll agree.

What are some other amazing bursts of creativity that Ron Paul inspires? Share them in the comments section and we'll add to this list over time.

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Anonymous said...

I just sure hope we can get it done. Ron Paul 2008.. The only true candidate for the future of America, its liberties and its people.

Lets get it done in 08.