Saturday, August 25, 2007

Given the choice, "Mr. Freeedommmm" Ted Nugent would pick Hillary

What an obnoxious neocon tool. Watch this clip of Ted Nugent begging Obama, Hillary and Feinstein to suck on his assault rifle, then belching a most perverted "freedom" yell to publicly declare his fascist intoxication.

I guarantee you, when it comes down to a contest between Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul in November 2008, this bozo will follow every other neocon into Hillary's pro-war globalist camp with glee. Not a single molecule in this man's body has the faintest notion of the concept of freedom.

The best way to shrivel this guy's engorged bravado is for Hillary to march right up to him and say, "Here I am. Do it, big boy."

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