Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ron Paul's Towering Internet Presence

Here's a very good writeup from C|Net on Ron Paul's support springing from the internet.

Ron Paul: The Internet's favorite candidate
By Declan McCullagh
August 6, 2007

The libertarian-leaning Republican may not receive as much media coverage as better-known presidential candidates, but he enjoys a commanding lead on the Internet.


Paul's poll numbers award him less than 2 percent of the vote among Republican candidates, and he was unceremoniously excluded from an Iowa debate in June organized by a tax watchdog group that happens to share his political views. Even otherwise flattering articles consign his candidacy to "the realm of dreams, not practical politics."

On the Internet, however, this courtly Texas obstetrician-turned-politician has developed a towering presence that has left his Democratic and Republican rivals largely in his shadow.


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