Thursday, January 18, 2007

Odds & ends

I'm thrilled to learn Texas representative Ron Paul has formed a 2008 presidential campaign exploratory committee. He's got my vote and my unending support.

Ron Paul in the news:
THE POWER OF NONVIOLENCE - Ron Paul attends MLK's birthday celebration in Port Lavaca.
The Great Unknown - analysis of Paul's impact in a Hillary-dominated campaign.

I'll be following his campaign formation closely and do my best to post what happens on a regular basis.

Total Destruction of the American Way of Life, in less than Ten Years:

If you're not familiar with our government's plans for the SPP/NUA, please expose yourself to the extra-constitutional muck we're heading into. The Birchers have been ranting about this for two-three years, but Lou Dobbs is the only recent mainstream news personality who's addressed it head on. Essentially, the North American Union is a merger of the United States with Mexico and Canada, without Congressional or citizens' approval. The process is already well underway with the auctioning off of our major assets to foreign investors and multinational corporations, if you'll remember the Dubai ports fiasco and more recently domestic airlines moving under foreign control.


Finally a cure for cancer?
Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers - Now, this would revolutionize our healthcare system. Let's hope the FDA doesn't interfere and block its use so oncopharmacology firms can continue raking in their profits.


Healthy eating:
15 Foods you shouldn't live without. How many do you eat on a daily basis?


Here they come:
Yes it's campaign season, and out come the philandering panderers: The yankee doo-gooders are attacking the most cherished symbol of Southern culture & heritage from afar, again. Beats the hell out of actually attacking the real problems of racially motivated police brutality, prejudiced sentencing and predatory lenders. How long you reckon they can keep up the facade before blacks start waking up and realizing how they're so being used by the oh-so-progressive lip-service Democratic party? For real solutions, I'd recommend they explore just how good American life could be under libertarian-minded leadership.

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