Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm sorry but this kid's a liar

Following Saturday's MTV presidential forum, various audience members were interviewed for their reactions to the candidates which were reported in this article published at the mtv website.

Check out the remarks by one 20-year old NYU student and self-described avid GOPer David Laska, regarding Ron Paul:
Although Laska is siding with McCain, he said as an ardent GOP supporter, he was surprised that he wasn't aware of Paul's views until now. "I didn't know there was anyone in the race that thought the way he did, and I follow the race closely," Laska said. "But it may be too little, too late for him."

I have to ask just how closely he claims to be following the race, because if he has taken the time to watch just one of the numerous GOP debates, he would have learned of at least some of Ron Paul's conservative positions. Being an avid GOP supporter, he would have identified and researched all 11 candidates (or however many there were still in the race when he decided to start following the race "closely"). At the very least, an avid GOP supporter who follows the race closely would have noticed Paul's name among the other remaining candidates on the primary/caucus returns to date no matter in which media they were reported, and would have availed himself to at least an introduction of each of these candidates.

I know this quote will be used with great fanfare across the Paulosphere to further solidify proof of a media blackout against Paul (which I agree is occurring, to an astonishing degree). But for anyone to claim to be an ardent GOP supporter, and to be "following the race closely," he would have achieved enough exposure to Paul to have witnessed the fundamentals of his conservative policies.

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Anonymous said...

Is this really the most interesting thing to report about that event? Four candidates, two hours of questions, and you've chosen to focus on a kid who didn't know much about Ron Paul? He's certainly not alone.

To play devil's advocate- it would not be difficult to follow the GOP primary race without hearing too much about Paul, especially recently. At the last debate, he hardly had a chance to speak. When he did, he was often cut off after a few seconds. In the kid's defense, you can pay a fair amount of attention to a race without knowing the tenets of every candidates policy positions, especially compared to other college students, a vast majority of whom likely pay only a marginal amount of attention to these primaries. To put it bluntly, one can't always be bothered to read up on candidates who never had any significant amoung of support.

And how can you call the kid a liar, then turn around and say that you think the media is blacking out Paul to an astonishing degree? That's rediculous. Leave the kid alone.