Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Eye on "fiscal conservative" candidates

Let's see how these fiscal conservative candidates are doing in the 2008 presidential election by examining their First Quarter '07 campaign finances. Hopefully the real fiscal conservative in this race will become apparent with this sort of analysis.

This is your money, folks. Campaign contributions voluntarily put into the hands of these Presidential wannabes. How well are they managing your money so far? I've ranked them below from worst to first, first being the most fiscally responsible of all.

Candidate RaisedSpentBurn RateDebtRank
Romney$23,434,634$11,570,981Flame RateRemaining Funds49%$2,350,0005
Guiliani$16,623,410$5,688,207Flame RateRemaining Funds34%$88,8623
McCain$13,087,559$8,379,214Flame RateRemaining Funds64%$1,812,63610
Brownback$1,871,057$1,064,431Flame RateRemaining Funds57%$07
Tancredo$1,256,090$711,012Flame RateRemaining Funds57%$15,0008
Paul$639,989$115,070Flame RateRemaining Funds18%$01
Huckabee$544,157$170,239Flame RateRemaining Funds31%$52,5022
Hunter$538,524$265,971Flame RateRemaining Funds49%$04
Thompson$391,628$252,404Flame RateRemaining Funds64%$129,1949
Gilmore$203,896$113,789Flame RateRemaining Funds56%$88,0136

Five of these guys are furiously burning through your money at an astonishing rate of 50% or higher, and we're still 19 months away from the final showdown. Why? Because they believe they can keep coming back and taking more from you over and over again.

A real conservative would automatically strike these guys off the list completely and focus on those who demonstrate an ability to manage your money wisely. A remarkable achievement in an unrestrained environment, and a true testament to their money management skills, integrity, and respect for your hard-earned dollars.

The Winners in this analysis, with two of them just barely coming in under the 50% burnrate cutoff:
  1. Ron Paul, 18% burn rate
  2. Mike Huckabee, 31% burn rate
  3. Rudy Guiliani, 34% burn rate
  4. Duncan Hunter, 49% burn rate
  5. Mitt Romney, 49% burn rate

Give the winner some love, folks.

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