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POLLS: Who Won the GOP Presidential Debate, May 3, 2007?

Above is a compilation video of Congressman Paul's responses in the May 3 GOP Presidential primary debate, hosted by the Reagan Presidential Library, MSNBC and If you like what you see, please vote on the video and add it to your favorites at the Youtube site. If you were impressed by Ron Paul in this debate, please contribute to his campaign, even $25 from you will help Paul get mainstream media's attention.

Below are the results of various internet polls questioning users on their opinions about the May 3 GOP Debate. Some of them are still ongoing and thus subject to change. The totals reported here were current at the time this post was published. More polls will be added as they are discovered.

Jump to MSNBC debate categories poll, MSNBC Rate the Candidates poll, C-Span poll, poll, World Net Daily poll, Boston Globe poll, poll.

If you know of other internet polls measuring the response to the May 3 GOP debate, please post a link to the poll in the comments.

MSNBC Live Vote Debate Categories Poll
(updated 5-7-07, 00:28 EDT)
Who stood out from the pack? 62248 responses
Sam Brownback 2.4%
Jim Gilmore 1.3%
Rudy Giuliani 16%
Mike Huckabee 3.6%
Duncan Hunter 1.8%
John McCain 7.6%
Ron Paul 40%
Mitt Romney 22%
Tom Tancredo 2.8%
Tommy Thompson 3.3%
Who showed the most leadership qualities? 61455 responses
Sam Brownback 2.3%
Jim Gilmore 1.8%
Rudy Giuliani 17%
Mike Huckabee 3.6%
Duncan Hunter 2.1%
John McCain 12%
Ron Paul 35%
Mitt Romney 21%
Tom Tancredo 2.6%
Tommy Thompson 3.6%
Who was the most convincing candidate? 61214 responses
Sam Brownback 2.8%
Jim Gilmore 1.7%
Rudy Giuliani 15%
Mike Huckabee 4.3%
Duncan Hunter 2.1%
John McCain 9.6%
Ron Paul 38%
Mitt Romney 20%
Tom Tancredo 3%
Tommy Thompson 3.7%

Positive Rate the Candidates responses, MSNBC, 82,645 votes (watch Kieth Olbermann report the winner in post-debate commentary)
(updated: 5-7-07, 00:16 EDT)
Paul 38%
Romney 27%
Giuliani 24%
McCain 19%
Huckabee 13%

C-Span: Who won Thursday's Republican Presidential debate? (6637 votes)
(updated: 5-7-07 00:00 EDT)
Sam Brownback 1%
Jim Gilmore 1%
Rudolph Giuliani 4%
Mike Huckabee 2%
Duncan Hunter 2%
John McCain 4%
Mitt Romney 8%
Ron Paul 74%
Tom Tancredo 3%
Tommy Thompson 2%

From Romney's home state: The Boston Globe: (430 votes)
Ron Paul 56.0%
Mitt Romney 27.2%
John McCain 7.2%
Rudy Giuliani 3.7%
Tommy Thompson 2.1%
Tom Tancredo 1.2%
Jim Gilmore 0.9%
Sam Brownback 0.7%
Mike Huckabee 0.7%
Duncan Hunter 0.2%

World Net Daily: If you watched the Republican debate, who do you think won?
Ron Paul 33.30% (608)
Mitt Romney 23.49% (429)
Tom Tancredo 18.57% (339)
Duncan Hunter 8.54% (156)
Rudy Giuliani 6.19% (113)
Sam Brownback 2.46% (45)
John McCain 2.30% (42)
Mike Huckabee 2.19% (40)
Tommy Thompson 2.03% (37)
Jim Gilmore 0.93% (17)

Added 5-7-07: If you watched the May 3 Republican presidential debate on MSNBC, who do you think was the biggest winner?
Ron Paul 77.58% (412)
Mitt Romney 10.35% (55)
Tom Tancredo 3.01% (16)
Duncan Hunter 2.63% (14)
Rudy Giuliani 2.25% (12)
John McCain 1.69% (9)
Mike Huckabee 1.31% (7)
Jim Gilmore 0.56% (3)
Sam Brownback 0.37% (2)
Tommy Thompson 0.18% (1)

Added 5-7-07: : Who do you think came out on top at the Republican debate?
Ron Paul 87% (6415)
It Doesn't Matter 8% (595)
None of them 1% (96)
Mitt Romney 1% (87)
Rudy Giuliani 1% (78)
John McCain 0% (33)
Tom Tancredo 0% (20)
Mike Huckabee 0% (10)
Tommy Thompson 0% (10)
Sam Brownback 0% (9)
Duncan Hunter 0% (7)
James Gilmore 0% (4)

Now, look at MSNBC's Published ranking:
9. Ron Paul - Texas congressman
Last Ranking: --

The anti-war Republican stood out, and his answers (here) were the talk of the spin room -- well, parts of it, anyway. Our problem: until he starts to take votes from someone else, we don't know where to place him.

Next day's coverage on the wires:
Other participants in the debate included ...Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas.


Yahoo News: Ron Paul Wins MSNBC Debate Poll
Fri May 4, 2:49 PM ET

Contact: Jesse Benton of the Ron Paul (news, bio, voting record) 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee, +1-202-246-6363

ARLINGTON, Va., May 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Congressman Ron Paul finished first in the MSNBC poll following the GOP primary debate last night held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Dr. Paul received 43 percent, beating the second-place finisher by five points, and crushing the rest of the field.

"Last night, Americans met Ron Paul and loved what they heard," said campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "Dr. Paul's message of freedom and limited government resonates with Republicans hungry for a return to their party's core values."

"Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the GOP race. Americans saw that last night," continued Snyder. "The campaign looks forward to further debates and opportunities so even more Americans will discover Dr. Paul's message of freedom, peace and prosperity."

In order to help Paul break into the mainstream, please contribute what you can to his campaign. Even $25 will help. $100 would be better, the maximum you can give for the party primary election campaign is $2,000. Together we'll put this country back on its moral, freedom-minded course.

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